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Welcome to our small piece of the World Wide Web

Hello. We are the Paske family. Welcome to our family Web site. We created this little special place on the Web to share our lives with you. We hope this site will enable family and friends, near and far, to stay connected. We look forward to sharing our family news and precious memories with you for years to come! Feel free to use our contact page to Get In Touch

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Our Introduction    

We met while attending Elon COLLEGE.  The fact that it was during a Sig Ep party is about where the story becomes a little blurry.  There was a laundry room and then a pretty girl on a bicycle riding by my suite looking for something that she "lost".  We hung out and became very much best friends and relied on each other for support, guidance, encouragement, etc...  We enjoyed all of the good times of know; classes, reading, writing, examinations, etc.  Really, we did do some studying, I can not tell a lie.  We also spent an evening or two at The Lighthouse, playing pool, listening to Solar Circus, Big Daddy Rabbit or OnionHead and of course Foosball.  
Amster graduated and was back home to Atlanta while I stayed behind to make sure that we didn't leave too much fun behind for the next generation.  As we suspected there was a whole lot of additional fun to be had at Elon and Paco, Enrique, Box, Hershey, Domino, and the gang were sure to go just a bit too far on numerous occasions.  After graduation, no electricity or water, I packed up the Diesel Jetta and a small U-haul trailer and headed to the ATL.  Moved in with Amy's brother, Amy and I bought a house, Paco found a litter of dogs underneath a house off of Bouldercrest Road (Casey was the lucky one that believe me when I said "whoever wants to come home with me should hurry up because I am leaving" and got married.  We grew as a couple and as a family and year after year we were convinced that we had so much love for each other that we needed to share that love.  Karly Virginia arrived a little over 7 years after we were married. She was such a wonderful addition to the family that 4 years later Stella Suzanne was able to join in the fun.

~ Jeff "Paco" Paske

 THANK YOU ELON COLLEGE for ALL that you gave us ALL!!!!

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